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3 items you should upgrade in your wedding design from San Diego wedding planner

Updated: Feb 9

Those who worked with me know it (past clients you know eh eh!): I am always transparent and upfront when it comes to wedding design and budget so let's dive into this... As a San Diego wedding planner I can say that when we talk about wedding design, unless you have an unlimited budget or a very small guest count (and a good budget), there is a high chance you won't probably be able to upgrade every single item at your wedding reception. I know you were maybe hoping for it but the job of us wedding planners, is also facing you with the reality of keeping it in your established budget! We don't always deliver great news but we for sure give you solutions!

Let's start with something that is, most of the times, a must:

upgrading the venue chairs: 90% of wedding venues only provide you with sad-looking meeting/banquet chairs that have nothing great as far as looks, design, and colors. Chairs have a big impact on the reception look. Imagine this: you and your guest walk into the space, a song you like plays in the background, you see the beautiful florals you envisioned, a multitude of candles lit, it is a romantic atmosphere, and then you see the meeting chairs. Here they are, grey, blue, or beige with a touch of metal all around them! And you suddenly cringe. And now you can't unsee them anymore. Total turndown! What is the cost of chairs? It ranges based on type, generally we go from $14 to $50 per chair.

The second item I love incorporating into the wedding design is a good charger plate, it just makes the table complete! Without a charger plate, you will just have the table, linens, and a napkin with the menu on top. Doesn't it feel a bit incomplete to you? What is the cost of chargers? It ranges based on type but let's say $8 to $18.

white and cream boho- classy wedding table
Wedding reception set up

The other element that gives a personality to the mise en place is the textiles. Pardon my French but that is how we call the table set up in Italy too! Whether it is linens or napkins you do need something special for your table. The textiles are an excellent bridge between the 2-3 wedding colors you are using. They can be as bold or as soft as you want, and they can be solid or with a pattern, the sky is the limit when it comes to textiles! 

What is the cost of textiles? It ranges based on type, napkins are cheaper and can go from $3 to $7 while lines can go from $30 for a basic white to hundreds for a special one.

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