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Specifically designed for the busy couple and the couple who has no idea where to start and would like expert guidance from the beginning.
It covers literally everything about your wedding, from the vision and design to vendor selection, etiquette advisor, budgeting, management of the day of the wedding. We start of with finding out your story, your style, your personality and your vision and we guide you every step of the way. You won't have to worry about a thing, we will provide you the options, you select the one you like and we'll work with the vendor team to bring to life the wedding you have imagined.​ 


  • Avoiding costly mistakes such as allocating too much for a specific vendor, without knowing industry pricing​

  • Getting all the important information that you won't know to ask about a venue, before signing a contract 

  • Hiring vendors that are professional, know what they are doing and breath and live weddings. Remember, the magic can be done when the team works!

  • Building a timeline and floorplan that actually makes sense for the vendors. There is much more that just what "looks good" to make a successful event

  • Creating your design vision and helping you refine it when you don't know where to start

  • Keeping track of each vendor payment, contracts, overall budget

  • Having a trusted person that will let you know what should be done, month by month so you don't forget about anything!

  • Over the time we are hired,  your full service wedding planner will talk to all the vendors by email, phone, in person about all the logistics so you don't have to worry about spending time on your email and you can enjoy time with your partner and family!

The initial phase is dedicated to establishing a clear and realistic budget. We work closely with you to understand your financial preferences and priorities, allowing us to create a tailored plan that aligns with your vision while staying within your budgetary expectations. We have worked with countless of vendors, our budgets are based on realistic industry pricing and not on what Google says! We will keep on reviewing the budget as we sign vendors or as priorities shift throughout the planning.


The planning phase includes:​

  • Monthly Zoom call to review tasks and discuss next steps

  • Email and telephone communication as necessary during office hours

  • Online planning portal access

  • Access to your online planning timeline with monthly to-do lists

  • Deposit and payment tracking and reminders

  • Etiquette support throughout the process

  • Personalized vendor referrals

  • Attend planning meetings with vendors such as rentals, tabletop, venue, and floral

  • Be the liaison for communication between you and your vendors so that you can spend more time with family and less on your emails.

  • Vendor’s contract management and review

  • Develop and maintain a relationship with the on-site coordinator or venue site management and act as your liaison for any issues that arise

  • Room blocks negotiation and support

  • Research and arrange transportation

  • Assistance in couple’s wedding insurance selection

  • Monthly Zoom calls (on top of our email communication)

  • Communicate venue policies to vendors and confirm final orders


"We utilized the full wedding planning and design package and worked with Valentina for over a year up until our big day. She helped us refine our vision and determine what elements were most important to us.he worked hard to first understand the feel we wanted to give our guests, and then offer suggestions and insight on how to achieve our vision. We had the most beautiful wedding and definitely would not have been able to pull it off without Valentina! She took away all the stress and work of wedding planning and made it a fun, enjoyable experience. "

WHAT they say

wedding design by valentina weddings


When I work with couples that hire me for venue search, we start with the vision you have and the overall budget for the wedding. I then work my magic and sift through the hundreds of venues to create a list of what would fit best, based on your vision. We will go through everything: food and beverage minimums, room blocks, attrition, style, backup plans, events paces, and more so that you can find your perfect venue without worrying about making a mistake or missing any important information.

wedding tabletop set up with a paper menu




You know you want your wedding to be beautiful.  You know you like that color.... But you also like the other color.... And you like that wooden farm table but you might want to have round tables with specialty tablecloth.....You know, you don't know where to start! "Who should I contact? Which company has that charger or that color of tablecloth? But I don't have time to take care of this. What's the price of this and that... I already feel overwhelmed".​ 

We will start with a consultation and I will guide you through the creation of a detailed design board for every single detail from color scheme, flowers, decor, tabletop, rentals, cake and much more.

Once the design  is completed, you wil proceed with the wedding planning and booking other non design related vendors. We will restart working together on the coordination 2 months before the wedding day! 

wedding reception illustration


"She asked me all the right questions to get a feel for my vision and came up with a design presentation that was so detailed and on point! We were stunned by how attentive she had been and how Valentina listened to our ideas and helped us to create a truly unique and special day. "

WHAT they say




This package is your coordination, "month of" package, perfect for couples that already planned the full wedding and need a coordinator who will put everything together and provide guidance through the last few months. We will start working with you 90 days before the wedding and we will assist you with the coordination of the very final details before your wedding: we will connect with all your vendors, create a timeline and floorplan that make sense and flows well, we will schedule Zoom meetings to  discuss the details together, assist you with the ceremony rehearsal and coordinate the wedding day.


Your initial inquiry

You looked at our website and you decided to fill out our contact form! I will reply to you within 72 hours with some more information about our planning packages and availability! The more information you give me in the contact form, the better I can assist you with a personalized reply!


Zoom Consultation


Once you have reviewed the email I sent you you will be able to set up a consultation call to virtually meet me and fill out an online questionnaire to dig a bit deeper into your wedding details! It is so important to have a video call as you can get a good feel of how I work and what my personality is. It is fondamental to hire a planner that you feel comfortable with!

During the call we will talk about the questionnaire you filled, the planning process and system I use and of course I will answer all the questions you might have!

Custom Proposal

After the video call I will be able to provide you with a custom quote based on your needs.



Contract Preparation

You have decided to hire me! Yay! Just know that I am SUPER excited!!! I will sed you the contract for digital signature and once the deposit is paid we will officially start working together.


Time to get to work! The first step of the process is the same for every planning package and it consists in preparing your online space, filling up some questionnaires and having a first planning Zoom call. Every step after the onboarding will be personalized based on the service you selected.


  • Do you offer micro wedding planning?
    Yes we do! Please fill out the form on our website or send us an email at
  • I don't have a venue yet, can you help me find the perfect one?
    Yes, we do! We have a step-by-step process for couples that hire us for venue selection (on top of the full planning). Choosing a venue can be overwhelming, but with our support you will find the one with an easy, clear, stress-free process. We will work with you to establish your needs for the venue, your desired style and atmosphere, and your budget. Then, we will present you with a selection of venues that meet your criteria. We will also research the venues, contact them, and arrange for you to tour them (in person or virtually if you are not local). Once you have identified the perfect venue, we will help you to negotiate the best deal.
  • Do we have to work with the vendors you recommend?
    We have an extensive list of vendors that we have worked with, and we are always open to working with new, professional vendors. If you don't have any vendors in mind, don't worry - we have suggestions that will fit your unique event.
  • How many full-planning couples do you take per year?
    As far as full planning, we typically plan a maximum of 12-15 per year. As a boutique wedding planning company, we limit the amount of full planning clients we accept each year in order to ensure a high level of attention and quality service for each and every one of our couples.
  • What is the investment for full planning?
    Generally our full planning clients spend between $9,000 - $14,000. The total cost varies based on location/s, number of guests, type of production and logistics of the wedding.
  • Where are you based?
    Valentina Weddings & Events is based in North County San Diego but I often travel to Lake Como, my hometown and the place I lived for almost 30 years.
  • When should we hire a planner?
    Couples should consider hiring a wedding planner as soon as they begin the wedding planning process. Ideally, the earlier, the better! Hiring a wedding planner early on allows you to benefit from our expertise throughout the entire planning journey. A wedding planner can assist with budgeting, venue selection, vendor recommendations, and overall event design, and much more
  • Will we be working with you or another team member?
    You will always be working with me from beginning to end. I will be the one meeting you, corresponding with you, and executing your wedding. You will be introduced to my assistants on the wedding day as they will be part of the executing team.
  • Do you only plan weddings?
    No, we plan a wide variety of events, from dinner soirees to social events for private and for companies. Visit our "other events" page!

FREQUENTLY asked questions

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