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I was born in Switzerland and I grew up on the beautiful Lake Como. My family always had my back so when in my late 20s, after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's, I decided to press the reset button and I looked for work experience abroad, they were happy and excited for me. I was hired as a trainee by an upscale hotel in San Diego and that is where my interest in events and weddings all started. In a couple of years, I went from being the new foreign receptionist to managing corporate and social events and, of course, weddings were part of it! I loved executing weddings so much that after spending years working for events in hotels, I decided to open my own wedding planning company to design, plan, and execute flawless events for my couples. In an industry (and honestly world) where many are unhappy and complain about the job that they do, I feel so lucky to be 100% convinced about having chosen the right career for me!


My most valuable asset is my background.

I know how venues operate, having worked on the venues' side of things gives me the knowledge to ask the right questions and tackle whichever problem that may arise before it is actually too late. Most importantly, I create timelines and production schedules that actually make sense for everybody: the couple, the venue and the vendors. My background in catering and hotels is a true blessing for my wedding planning company! On top of that, I have a true passion for design and for turning my couples' vision into reality. As a Southern California wedding planner, I love mixing classic elements to new ones, I feel like it creates continuity and flow to the design. I take joy in creating a timeless look with touches of modern while telling your story with personalized details. I am a big fan of understated luxury, and a non pompous refinement that a good observer will notice.


"A beautiful design must always be paired with a flawless execution to become a memorable event."

San Diego Wedding Planner - Valentina Weddings & Events_edited.jpg

I grew up in the Old World bathed in strong family tradition,  such as Sunday gathering at my grandma's house with the entire family for a meal, or going out to do grocery in the village market where everybody knew each other; I consider family as sacred and the wedding day is your first step towards building/expanding your own. Working on your wedding and helping you in this important milestone is not only a job for me... it is an honor that comes with a great responsibility.


Originally from Belgium, I relocated to the United States almost a decade ago to complete my education as a biomedical scientist. Wedding planning was not on my radar, but then, I met Valentina who was training in a luxury hotel; we fell in love and got married a year later. When Valentina decided to open her own wedding planning company, I embarked on the adventure, at first simply as a supportive husband and an extra pair of hands. However, it quickly grew to be much more than my wife’s business. Participating in creating a magical day for our couples and their family is an incredible experience and seeing the joy on their faces throughout the day brings so much satisfaction that I became a permanent part of the team.

Today, I’m still working as a cancer researcher, but on wedding days, I serve as Team Captain. Before the wedding starts, my duties are to supervise the set-up of the ceremony and reception area, guide vendors and be the point of contact for the day of assistants, help coordinate their preparation, help the groom and groomsmen getting ready and make sure every single detail is set and ready to go. As a scientist, I’m perfectionist to a fault, and I will often be checking exact alinement of cutlery or ironing tablecloths and napkins until the last moment! During the wedding, I will help with communication between the team members and pretty much take care of any issue that may arise. I’m also there to make sure the bride and groom, as well as their guests, have everything they need before they even realize they need it! My goal is to let everyone fully immerse in the celebration and have a memorable day without ever having to think about its organization.


"When we talk about a wedding, a once in a lifetime experience, there is never to many details to pay attention to."


Sylvia comes from the corporate world where she manages and plans large scale events. Her attentiveness to the details, her readiness to jump in and help where is most needed and her problem solver attitude, make her indispensable for out team! 

She is currently working on her bio so stay tuned for more!

Our process

I believe in the importance of getting to know you to understand your vision

and how you envision your wedding day.

It is important for me to know your story, how you met and got engaged, what are your favorite

inspiration images, how your daily life looks like to get a better understanding of what you like

or don't like and how to better support you. 

This is fundamental to create a wedding design that reflects who you are as a couple and this is the reason

why we only take a limited number of weddings per year.

In fact, as a boutique wedding planning company, we like to keep our couple's circle small

as I personally follow each wedding and I am always the only point of contact with my couples. 

Our wishes for you

To cherish the little joys of everyday life with your partner.

To have a life full of happiness and love.
To never forget that family and health are what matter the most in life.​

Our promises to you

To be your guide.
To alleviate the stress from you and your partner.
To be there for you in joyful and in stressful planning moments.
To help you spend less time planning and more time with your family and friends.
To plan an event that is a reflection of who you are.
to be your very personal human Xanax.

Our values

TRUSTWORHTY We know how scary it is to put your day in the hands of a not-yet-friend. We commit to taking the job of planning your wedding seriously, as if it was our own. FUN Because we want the process and your wedding day to be a positive and exciting experience. GENUINE We want to create a wedding that reflects who you are as a couple. The more we know about you, the better we can translate it into your big day and into a seamless planning experience. PASSIONATE About creating beautiful experiences for our couples and we love everything wedding related! INCLUSIVE​ Because love has no barriers or limits. DEEPEN Relationships with our couples and our vendors to set the foundation of great communication and transparency. UNIQUE We embrace uniqueness and diversity to create a personalized experience for each couple. LUXURIOUS Because you care about the design of your wedding and your guest's experience.  

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