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You are finally engaged! Now what?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

This the season for engagements! Many couples got engaged during the Holidays and now that 2022 started you might find yourself asking what is the next step? Should I choose the colors? Or the photographer first? Or the venue?

I know starting the process can be overwhelming so in this blog post I'll dive deeper into the first steps that you'll have to take when you are ready to start the wedding planning process.

planning a wedding after you get engaged

The Fundamentals

Stop right now! Don't save thousand of pictures on your Pinterest board or on your Instagram profile and do not start thinking about the colors or the type of chairs you'll want for your reception. There are few "fundamentals" decisions you'll have to take before jumping to the design process. Here are the most important questions you'll have to ask yourself once you are ready to start the planning process:

  • What is your overall wedding budget? When I say "overall" I mean inclusive of all vendors (some standard vendors you will hire are: venue, catering, photographer, videographer, planner or coordinator, makeup artist and hairdresser, paper designer, transportation, florist, DJ or band or musician, officiant, rental furniture and tabletops, photo booth,...)

  • Do you want an intimate gathering or big celebration? How many guests do you envision for your wedding day? This is important because the more guests the more food, rentals, invites, flower centerpieces, etc.

  • What season/month will the wedding be? On this note remember that high season will require you to start the process right away to make sure you secure the venue and vendors you really want to work with.

  • Will it be a destination wedding or will you get married in the city where you live? A destination wedding require more planning and most of the times you will need to make sure you have the support of a planner that will follow you every step of the way. Whatever destination you choose make sure you hire someone that is familiar with the location, that speaks the same language of the local vendors and that knows the ins and outs of the Country you want to visit.

  • Will you plan a multiple days event? Will you do a welcome reception and a rehearsal dinner? Will you organize a post wedding brunch or any other fun activity for your guests?

  • Set your priority straight: what are 3 most important things you care about when it comes to planning your wedding? Maybe you are set on a specific type of venue or destination, or you already know which photographer you want. Or maybe you have zero time to invest and you want a professional planner to guide you through the process. Take your time to think about this last question as it will influence all the other decisions you will take. I know it is hard to choose what are the priorities, you might thing "everything is important", however choosing 2-3 priorities will help you make sure you set the right amount of time, thoughts and resources to the things you really care about.

I call these questions the Fundamentals because this is where you need to start! Of course there are many more important decision that you will need to take during the planning process so keep checking our blog, we'll have more blog posts dedicated to each aspect.

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