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Mistakes to avoid when planning your destination wedding in San Diego

Updated: Apr 10

Deciding to have a destination wedding in San Diego (or anywhere that is not your residence really!) is an important decision, probably the biggest you will make throughout the planning process! Orchestrating a destination wedding means you will be faced with a unique set of challenges that an experienced planner can help you navigate.

If I had to think of a list of the most common mistakes you could do while planning alone, I would definitely include the following ones:

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  • Booking a date without considering local events, conventions, Holidays: understanding what is happening in town is important to ponder your decision. Will there be traffic? Will the accommodation be more expensive? How will parking be?

  • Not visiting your destination: plan to spend at least a weekend in your wedding city and explore. Get a feel of how a destination wedding in San Diego would be, what's the vibe, and understand if you prefer the ocean or inland, the seaside villager or the busy downtown. Would you see yourself getting married there?

  • Not giving enough notice to guests: destination weddings necessitate time for guests to arrange travel and accommodations. Send the save-the-date cards at least six months in advance.

  • Overlooking the marriage license requirements: research the prerequisites for obtaining a marriage license, including residency mandates and necessary documentation.

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  • Shipping your wedding attire: transporting wedding attire as carry-on baggage is important to avoid the risk of loss or damage. Don't ship it!

  • Not taking into consideration the weather: before deciding on a date to have a destination wedding in San Diego, look at the local weather and the seasons. It might be different than you expect!

  • Overloading guests with activities: while providing entertainment options is essential, avoid overwhelming guests with too many obligatory events every day. Keep in mind many of them might also want to visit the city and take some time to relax!

  • Choosing a remote location: consider the accessibility of remote wedding locations, think about elderly relatives or those with mobility limitations

  • Not planning accommodation options: with so many guests coming from out of town you want to offer some accommodation suggestions. This can be in the form of contracting a hotel room block or just adding a list of hotels near the wedding venue.

Planning a destination wedding in San Diego can be scary but it doesn't have to! As a full service wedding planner, we offer venue search and can help you sort through hundreds of venues to find the one that speaks to your heart! Contact Valentina Weddings & Events by filling this form!

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