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Best beachfront wedding venues in San Diego

Updated: Feb 22

Let's dive in to some of the best beachfront wedding venues in San Diego!

Why San Diego, you ask? As a San Diego wedding planner, I ask you to imagine this: the iconic coastline, the sun setting over the Pacific, and a city that effortlessly blends the cosmopolitan with the relaxed. Wouldn't you want to get married here too? San Diego offers a tapestry of stunning backdrops, from the cliffs of La Jolla to the historic charm of Coronado. Each neighborhood has its own unique character, providing you with a myriad of options to craft your dream celebration.

As someone who grew up in the Old World, where family and celebrations are sacred, I find that San Diego captures the essence of those values. The city invites you to create a wedding that not only reflects your love story but also embraces the rich cultural tapestry that San Diego has to offer.

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There is a venue for every type of wedding in San Diego: the best beachfront wedding venues in San Diego

Now, let's delve into the breathtaking beachfront wedding venues that San Diego graciously offers. From the modern elegance of Alila Marea to the hidden gem, The Seabird Resort, and the timeless beauty of La Valencia, each venue is a piece of the coastal symphony that makes San Diego an ideal destination for your special day.

The Seabird Resort Weddings

Nestled along the shores of Oceanside, The Seabird Resort is a hidden gem and perfect setting for your beachfront wedding in San Diego. Coastal beauty meets modern luxury in a venue that's perfect for those seeking a stylish coastal California affair. Picture ocean breezes and breathtaking views, oceanview ceremony and reception. The venue decor and design is all inspired by the blue, white and grey colors.

Alila Marea Weddings

When we talk about beachfront wedding venues in San Diego, Alila Marea is one of the top! Perched on the coastal bluffs of Encinitas, this modern resort offers a setting where sophistication meets the endless horizon. Think contemporary elegance with panoramic views! The hotel offers a selection of stunning outdoor spaces that capture the essence of its oceanfront location. Imagine exchanging vows with the rhythmic sound of the waves as your backdrop or hosting a reception on the expansive terrace with panoramic views of the Pacific.

modern wedding ceremony at the oceanfront venue alila marea in encinitas
bride and groom walking down the aisle at Alila Marea

La Jolla Shores Hotel Weddings

Moving on to La Jolla Shores Hotel! This intimate venue offers a relaxed yet elegant setting, perfect for those who dream of a coastal celebration with sand beneath their toes. Spanish tiles, a beautiful fountain and arches create the perfect setting for couples who love a touch of charm.

bride and groom seated on a tiled fountain
newlyweds at La Jolla Shores Hotel

La Valencia Hotel Weddings

Ah, La Valencia! This Mediterranean-inspired gem in La Jolla is a testament to timeless elegance. With vibrant architecture and coastal surroundings, La Valencia becomes a canvas where your dreams unfold. If you are a lover of the color pink and a old Hollywood vibe, this is the right venue for you.

officiant announcing husband and wife at la valencia hotel
wedding ceremony at La Valencia Hotel

Loews Coronado Bay Weddings

Now, let's set sail to Loews Coronado. This venue is an epitome of luxury against the backdrop of the Pacific. Intimate celebrations find a perfect setting in the Avalon Room, featuring direct views of San Diego Bay. For outdoor ceremonies, The Pointe offers a semi-private location embraced by the San Diego Bay, while the Marina Terrace and Bay Terrace showcase the resort's waterfront beauty for larger celebrations.

newlyweds kissing after maid of honor speeches
bride and groom kissing at Loews Coronado

Marriott Coronado Bay Weddings

Our coastal journey wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Marriot Coronado. With its iconic presence and exceptional views, this venue is a canvas waiting for your love story to unfold. One of Marriot Coronado's unparalleled features is the breathtaking view of San Diego downtown. It makes you feel far away from the noise of the city without actually being so far (Coronado is only a 20 minutes drive from San Diego downtown).

Do you feel ready to dive into the best beachfront wedding venues in San Diego? As a full service wedding planner, we offer venue search and can help you sort through hundreds of venues to find the one that speaks to your heart! Contact Valentina Weddings & Events by filling this form!

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