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15 Most common mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding

You probably haven't planned a wedding yet; hopefully, this time will be the only time you'll have to do it. In this short article, I listed the most common mistakes you can easily make when planning alone. A short list but packed with very important recommendations!

Here are the most common mistakes I think are worth mentioning:

  • hiring vendors that don't have a certificate of insurance, huge red flag

  • not giving yourself enough time to receive the RSVPs

  • forgetting to ask your guests for allergies on the RSVP

  • hiring the photographer for the smallest package when your wedding is split into 2 locations or is very long, remember that photography generally starts towards the end of the getting ready end ends after the cake cutting

  • forgetting that the cost of flowers is high due to: the cost of buying the flowers + the cost of processing the flowers + the time cost for the florist + the cost of assistants

  • not hiring a videographer

  • not having a full estimate and knowing how much you will spend with the venue before signing the contract

  • getting a feel of how much each vendor costs before signing any contract

  • having a friend doing the job of a vendor (unless it is the officiant which can be pretty nice as she or he personally knows the couple). A guest is a guest and will enjoy the wedding, a vendor is there to work and his only goal is making your wedding perfect. Don't mix the two!

  • hiring a DJ that is not an MC

  • not doing a make-up and hair trial, you want to know you will look like yourself on the wedding day!

  • having a very long wedding night without offering some late-night snacks to guests

  • wearing your wedding shoes for the first time on the wedding day

  • waiting till the morning of the wedding to write your vows. Don't risk it!!

  • not following your gut in any decision you make!

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have questions or you are looking for help planning your wedding make sure to fill out our form at this link!

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