"Love starts as a feeling,
But to continue is a choice;
And I find myself choosing you
More and more every day.” 
― Justin Wetch



The Florence Package is the perfect package for couples that want an over the top intimate wedding and they want a planner to guide them through each  detail from the beginning to make sure nothing is overlooked. From venue to vendors, room blocks, design and style, wedding day management. This package is only available for weddings with 30 guests or less.


Specifically designed for the busy couple and the couple who has no idea where to start and would like expert guidance from the beginning.
It covers literally everything about your wedding, from the vision and design to vendor selection, etiquette advisor, budgeting, management of the day of the wedding. We start of with finding out your story, your style, your personality and your vision and we guide you every step of the way. You won't have to worry about a thing, we will provide you the options, you select the one you like and we'll work with the vendor team to bring to life the wedding you have imagined.​ 



So you know you want your wedding to look beautiful.  You know you like that color.... But you also like the other color.... And you like that wooden farm table but you might want to have round tables with specialty tablecloth.....You know you want some upgrades but you don't know where to start.... "Who should I contact? Which company has that charger or that color of tablecloth? But I don't have time to take care of this. What's the price of this and that... I already feel overwhelmed".​


We will start with a consultation and I will guide you through the process that will be completed with the creation of a detailed design board for every single detail from color scheme, flowers, decor, tabletop, rentals, cake and much more. 





The Positano is the perfect package for couples that already planned the wedding and all the details and they need a coordinator that will put everything together to create a flawless execution of the event. We will start working with you 60 days before the wedding and we will assist you with the coordination of the very final details before your wedding.


Valentina Weddings & Events - San Diego Wedding Planner & Coordinator
Valentina Weddings & Events - San Diego Wedding Planner & Coordinator
Valentina Weddings & Events - San Diego Wedding Planner & Coordinator
Valentina Weddings & Events - San Diego Wedding Planner & Coordinator

We are here to help you plan your destination wedding in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
I grew up in Lake Como and lived +30 years in the city before moving to San Diego; my deep knowledge of the wedding industry in Italy and in the US, allow us to serve couples that want to elope or have a destination wedding in Lake Como. 

When you hire a planner for your wedding there are a lot of emotions, expectations and fear involved as you are giving your trust to someone you have never met before to plan your day and make it perfect. It gets even more stressful if you are hiring someone that lives on the other side of the world or that doesn't speak a word of Italian! 

One of the many benefits in hiring us, is that we can actually meet and get to know each other since we are based in San Diego. You will have full support from a planner who is local to Lake Como, with zero time difference (Italy is +9 hours). We work closely with a professional team of vendors based in Italy and we make sure there is no language barrier between your dreams and the reality of your wedding day.

We are specialized in destination wedding exclusively on Lake Como and we do not plan weddings in other parts of Italy.


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Valentina Weddings & Events - San Diego Wedding Planner & Coordinator

...We had to postpone our wedding multiple times during the pandemic, but Valentina always kept in touch to check on how we were doing, even though she only needed to start working with us 2 months before the wedding day. Valentina was very professional, organized, and the service she provided was excellent. She really made me feel relaxed on my wedding day and I trusted her to coordinate the event, so I didn’t feel I needed to be checking on everything and super stressed. I would definitely recommend Valentina  to other couples. It was worth the money to be relaxed and keep my sanity during wedding planning!