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Information that you should add to your wedding website

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

The wedding website is one of the first things you'll create once you have the date and location and while you might not be excited to create it, it is essential to share information about your special day to your guests.

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Once you chose your website host (some free ones are Zola and The Knot), it is time to add all the details. In the next paragraph, you'll find a list of what should be included:

· Wedding location. If the ceremony and reception locations are different, specify it and add information about transportation and parking.

· Accommodations. If you have a room block for your guests, provide the link or hotel information so that they can make their own reservation. If you don't have a room block, provide your guests with few names of hotels nearby. Include important deadlines for booking.

· Schedule of the wedding day and any other event(s) happening before and after. If you’ve arranged transportation for your guests, be sure to put this as well.

· Your contact information (phone number and email). I recommend setting up a dedicated email for your wedding guests and vendors so that you keep all information and RSVP in one place and don't get overwhelmed.

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· Your story with few photos of you and your partner, your engagement pictures, trips, and any other elements you'd like to represent your relationship.

· Names (and pictures if you'd like) of your bridal party and a line or two about how you know each other.

· Wedding attire. If you expect your guests to have a specific dress code, add it on the website. This helps everyone understand the formality of your wedding.

· Registry/money fund/honeymoon fund/charity links.

· Recommend local activities, provide information about the nearest airport or the best way to get to town, as well as weather information. This section is important especially for out-of-town guests or destination weddings.

· Information regarding childcare/babysitter if you are providing it and any kid friendly arrangements for seating, catering, and entertainment for kids, so parents know what to plan for.

· Information about plus ones.

· Covid and safety information. This will help all your guests to get familiar with what they should expect the day of the wedding.

· Dedicated wedding hashtag so that after the event you will find the pictures taken by your guests simply searching the hashtag on the social media selected.

Lastly, some couples might be concerned about privacy and making sure their wedding is not in the spotlight. In this case, make sure to create a password on your wedding website that you will exclusively share on yourSave the Date card.

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