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How to use Veri Peri Pantone color of the year in a classy way

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Every year Pantone releases the "color of the year", I must say when I first saw what Veri Peri color was like, I thought "how can I incorporate this color without having the feeling it is the only color at a wedding?!".

While the color, created from a blend of red and blue, can totally steal the attention from everything else (which we don't want! You should be the center of attention on your wedding day!), you can use variations of it and incorporate it to your wedding design as an accent.

I had some fun and I created a mood board with a lighter version of Veri Peri and it actually looks beautiful, doesn't it? As you can see there is a lot of white in the ceremony set up and this helps making the color, a bit softer that it actually is. This is only one variation of the color, there are much more possibilities! The trick is to use Veri Peri as an accent and as a pastel color. It is great with whites, light rose and creams.

Here are few ways you can use Veri Peri. You can select few things from this list to keep the overall look light and bright:

  • white cake with Veri Peri flower accents

  • pastel bridesmaids dresses

  • as an accent on your paper suite

  • as an accent on your flowers

  • napkins in Veri Peri

  • your wedding shoes!

  • plates with Veri Peri finishes

  • candles and votives

You could apply these tips with any other bold, self standing color as well. Balance is always the answer when you want a elegant, classy, yet modern look!

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